Best Ideas for Secret Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

So you have been scoping that guy from afar for the last few months and you finally want to make a move. The problem is that you want to keep your affection a secret, at least for now. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it could be the perfect opportunity to give that special someone a cute little gift that shows you have been thinking about them. Here are our top 10 gifts for your secret crush.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you have been scoping someone from afar or want to express your serious sentiments to your beloved, this is the right time for it. Don’t want to do it straight away? How about making a secret gift basket with presents giving clues of your emotions? Let him or her solve the puzzle.

Although a solitaire sapphire or diamond ring would it alone but why to be conventional. Here are few gift ideas you can include in your special basket of love.

Sweet Love Notes

Sweet Love Notes

A simple and sweet note on a pretty stationary could be a key to win her heart. Women like poetry, especially when it is written only for them. If writing a poem is a bit cliché, simple words showing how you feel for her would do the same magic. Don’t type the note, instead scribble it in your own handwriting. It will give a more personalized feel.

Handmade Goods

handmade valentine gifts

There is no substitute to handmade cookies and chocolate. It is common for women to cook but when a man does it for them, it is exceptional and admirable. If you know basics of baking cupcakes, use it now. She will love such a mouthwatering gift.


flower for valentine gift

A bunch of roses is a very romantic gift. In fact, it is a staple gift choice for Valentine’s Day. Add this inherently feminine present to your basket and show how beautiful she is. 

Surprise Gift

This will be the most prominent part of your gift basket. It could be a dress, a handbag or even a perfume. The risk with all these is that she might be brand conscious or prefer a certain style or fragrance. Jewelry is considered the best option because the glittering metal and bright gemstones are universally loved for their luxury look and exceptional beauty. You can think of a small piece like a promise ring or a pendant studded with her birthstone. This personalized gift will definitely win her for you.

Surprise gemstone Jewelry Gifts

Remember to spare some time in decorating the gift basket. She would love to know that you have done everything alone to make her happy. With this cute gift basket, this Valentine’s Day you will surely win her heart. Don’t be shy in accepting how much you love her. And once she found it is you, confess openly. That’s what she expects from you.

Now, don’t waste time and start preparing for the special date. All the best! Have a wonderful and romantic Valentine’s Day.

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