Jewelry Gifts for First Wedding Anniversary

You have completed the first year of your marital bliss. This is a matter of great celebration as first wedding anniversary is a milestone event. you might have come across many hurdles like difference in everyday habits, living styles and even your thought process. But you were committed to each other and your love was above all. This calls for a big celebration and a beautiful gift.

So here we have few suggestions to make your gift buying task easier and informed.

Floating Diamond Wedding Band

First Wedding Anniversary Gift- Diamond Wedding Band
A girl can never have enough diamonds. So if you have given her a diamond wedding band, why not one more to mark a milestone. This garland style eternity diamond wedding band in 14k white gold is a beauty to die for. Handcrafted to perfection, this ultra-luxurious band will surely enhance her engagement ring. If she had a traditional gold band, this will be a stunner for her. The diamonds in this band looks like they are floating on the surface and the metal plate on the inner side offers comfortable wear with a remarkable designer touch.

Diamond Heart Carving With Infinity Metal Link Bracelet

First Wedding Anniversary Gift- Diamond Heart Carving With Infinity Metal Link Bracelet
For infinite hugs and kisses, this significant and stylish diamond bracelet is a stunning choice. The diamonds are finely set in hearts connected through infinity metal links. It is a lovely gift for anniversary to show how your love is growing over time and shining brightly.

Round Emerald Linear Journey Pendant

First Wedding Anniversary Gift- Round Emerald Linear Journey Pendant
To signify the journey of your love life, get this emerald journey pendant handcrafted in 14k yellow gold. Fresh and flamboyant, this is a unique gift for first wedding anniversary. Emeralds symbolize everlasting youth and love. These green stones in this piece are set in graduation to show that no matter how long you travel, the bond you share will remain intact and your love will have the beauty of spring.

All these pieces have uniquely handcrafted and the gemstones are hand-selected. Thus, their value significantly increases for they are unique and no two pieces would be same. Choose any of them to celebrate the memorable day. Do share your memories with us, we are eager to listen how our jewelry has made your day special.

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