Proposing according to her choice

We know that when it comes to proposing the love of your life, you are a bit nervous and confused on how to go about it. Though, it can seem a difficult task, but let us assure you that if a little thoughtfulness is there, the proposal can turn out to be the best one and she will gladly accept it.

The most important part is to propose her the way she wants. Every girl is different and so is her idea about the proposal. All you have to do is to study her personality and you are half way done. Just plan your proposal according to your girl friend’s lifestyle and personality and this will become a moment to cherish for life.

Let us discuss two popular personality types and how you can plan a proposal according to it:

Romantic: If she is emotional and romantic at heart, she will certainly like to be just with you for the special event of her life. She will definitely like just the two of you to witness the soft and love soaked proposal. You can go on a dinner with her and make it special by a long drive after it. Slipping the ring there will make her speechless.

Romantic Proposal

Gregarious: If she is the one who always loves to be with people, then you have a lot of options. You can propose her in a public place like a movie hall, restaurant and so on. Additionally, you can also arrange a surprise party having families and friends of both of you and then propose her in front of all. She will love the excitement and love you more and more.

Gregarious Proposing

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