Tips to Choose Gemstones for Women’s Day Gift

Gemstones have unique meaning and historical significance. They are popular for many reasons. Their beauty, charm and ancient association also add value to them. With interesting facts and symbolism, gemstones make a wonderful and relevant gift for any occasion like birthday, anniversary or even Women’s Day.

It is a proven fact that women love jewelry and they never need a reason to buy or flaunt them. However, a special occasion always add more value to a special jewelry purchase. As International Women’s Day is around the corner and spring is almost at the doorstep, consider fine gemstone jewelry to gift your special someone or to flaunt at the upcoming spring parties.


If you are confused what stone to choose, here are some suggestions to try:

Consider Birthstone Jewelry:

Birthstones are gemstones associated to a specific month. They are believed to have incredible powers and symbolism. For example, diamond is the birthstone for April, which means the stone bring luck, health and prosperity for people born in April. Each month has one official birthstone and could have alternate birthstones too. March has two birthstone namely aquamarine and bloodstone. Similarly, tanzanite, turquoise and zircon are birthstones for December.

Exclusive Birthstone Jewelry

You can get a birthstone ring or a pendant to surprise your special woman. Why not include your birthstone with her. This will make your gift more meaningful. Birthstone jewelry never goes out of trend and can be clubbed with other jewels as well as fits perfect with any outfit.

Favorite Gemstone:

Favorite Gemstone Jewelry for Mothers day gift
Most women love diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Tanzanite, aquamarine and amethyst are other popular gemstones. Find her favorite stone and get a ring studded with the one. If the number is more than one, multi-stone jewelry like this will surely delight her.

Favorite Color:

Choose a gemstone of her favorite color
Colors play a very important role in deciding our character and mood. Often people who wear light and soothing colors are calm while those who like bright shades are fun and lively. Choose a gemstone of her favorite color. She will feel good that you remember such minor details and consider them when buying a gift.

Most Popular:

most popular jewelry gift
Few gemstone are always more popular than others. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They are a universal choice for fine jewelry followed by sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Buying any of them would convey her message that you are keen about the latest fashion trends and know how to include them in your everyday life.

Her Lifestyle and Personality:
Every woman has different lifestyle and personality. Few have a very active lifestyle, many women have shy personality and they like simple things while others could be extrovert and favor extravagant accessories. Buying classic or modern or anything in between depending on their personality and taste will surely make them happy.

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