Build Your Own Opal Pendant Necklace

A stunning flash of colors in a single piece of jewelry is enough to make anyone gasp. Add to that strategic positioning and an inclusion of the most unique gemstone ever. A pendant necklace that displays the fascinating opals is all this and more. If you’re besotted with their beauty why not create your very own opal neckpiece with this wondrous stone the way you’ve always wished.
opal pendant jewelry
Begin with the design and decide whether you want something simple or bold, with a single exquisite opal or other stones also. Source them wisely after deciding the look you want. The beauty of these stones lies in the colors they flaunt so pick those where few hues together create a vibrant appeal. Avoid too many shades in the same stone as it leads to a blurred and dull effect.

In the next stage hunt for the perfect setting that will complement your design and gems. You can opt for a detailed finish or a basic one depending on your preference. Metal selection is important for it seals the look of your creation. See what metal looks best with your choice of stone and the colors that are part of it. You can pick from white gold, yellow gold and platinum. Pay equal attention to the chain and ensure it is in sync with the overall look of your neckpiece.

oval opal

Lastly consult a professional jeweler for completion of your piece so that you can wear this gorgeous neckpiece with the magnificent opal pendant  in a creation that is your very own.

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