Her Majesty and Her Love for Jewels

Queen-Elizabeth-II Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II has one of the most spectacular collections of jewelry. This could well be seen from the fact that she has a separate room built 40 feet below Buckingham Palace especially to keep her jewelry. These jewels do not include British Crown Jewels. Unlike the Crown Jewels of United Kingdom, the jewels in this collection are personal property of the Queen Elizabeth II and some other members from the royal family and not the property of the state.

The collection was roughly estimated to be worth $57 million and most of it was received as gifts. It is said that in her youth the Queen was never much fond of jewels. It was long after her father’s death that her sister asked her to dress appropriately to address social gatherings.

Queen Elizabeth II One of the main attractions of her collection is a huge 352.50 carat Timur Ruby, which in real is a magnificent red spinel. The Spinel is inscribed with the names of its previous owners who were the great Mogul emperors of India. Other famous jewels include the Cambridge and Delhi Dunbar Parure, a beautiful suite of emerald jewelry. The British Queen also owns several of the large diamonds cut from the Cullinan, the rough that produced the Stars of Africa, the Cullinan I and II (530 carats and 317 carats), which are part of the Crown Jewels. She reportedly refers to the Cullinan III and Cullinan IV, 94 and 63 carats respectively, as "Granny’s Chips."

No Queen of England has ever been represented with such a blaze of jewels as Elizabeth. Horace Walpole, speaking of her portraits, says:–"There is not one that can be called beautiful. The profusion of ornaments with which they are loaded are marks of her continual fondness for dress, while they entirely exclude all grace, and leave no more room for a painter’s genius than if he had been employed to copy an Indian idol, totally composed of hands and necklaces. A pale Roman nose, a head of hair loaded with crowns and powdered with diamonds, a vast ruff, a vaster fardingale, and a bushel of pearls, are features by which everybody knows at once the picture of Elizabeth."

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