Wearing jewelry that truly accentuates your personality

The clothes that suit us best are the ones that mirror our personality and style. The very same applies to jewelry. It has happened with so many of us when we’ve worn things that we really don’t agree with, whether a piece of clothing or jewelry. It could have been a gift or an impulsive buy, but at the end, it’s proved to be a disaster. In a nutshell, what really makes us look pretty is something that complements our personality and our innate sense of style.

For somebody who is contemporary and modern, it would be chic and subtle jewelry that would look most becoming. Elaborate designs coupled with a flamboyant mix of gemstones would be a strict no here. Instead something more sophisticated with a modern twist would look best.

For a lady who is more flamboyant, ornate and elaborate designs would look quite appropriate. Colored gemstones in prominent shapes and sizes would flatter her persona. Also, coordinated jewelry would look well on this lady, who has it in her to carry these with poise and élan. Large peals would flatter her equally.

A lady who is truly feminine can carry most jewelry well. Whether it is the dazzle of diamonds, the radiance of gemstones or the luster of pearls. She carries it all with elegance and grace and choosing her jewelry wisely, always selecting pieces that are feminine and pretty and not too complex or typical.

Apart from a few stray cases when we tend to indulge in something that’s not our style, it always is sensible and safe to stick to styles that complement and accentuate our personality. So much so, that what we wear mirrors our very being.

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    Daniela S.

    I love perls, and the beauty of that is simplicity

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