What does Journey Pendant Mean?

We know that jewelry speaks where the words fail. With different styles, designs and types, gemstone jewelry has its own language of expression. From hearts and knots to halo designs and solitaires, all have different symbols and signs to express our emotions.

Journey pendants are one such popular design with special meaning to its owner. Unique and significant, journey jewelry reflects the journey of a relationship. It could be a journey that has just begun or underway or about to start. These pedants are a contemporary addition to fashion jewelry but with a beautiful meaning associated, they are among the top jewelry gift choices for any occasion.
Journey Pendants

Meaning of Journey Pendants
You can choose a journey necklace as a fashion statement or an everyday accessory and can enjoy the beautiful meaning hidden in it at the same time. These pendants in any design or style represent the way your love has grown and shows the path traveled together in life. The meaning could vary by people. It is not necessary that journey pendants show love and relationship between couples, they are equally meaningful for any relationship. You can give one such pendant to a friend or your mentor or anyone whom you want to show how much the time spent with them mean to you.

Styles of Journey Pendants
The number of stones, setting and shape of the pendant could differ. However, typical journey jewelry has a graduated stone setting with even the slightest of curvature. The stone size shows that when you started to travel together, there was little love shared between you. As the time passed, your relationship grew stronger and better, the love also grown. All journey jewelry has this specific expression.

Mostly, people like curved pendants because the curved path signifies willingness to experience even the unexpected events in life. This becomes a very significant gift for events when you are willing to solve conflicts developed from stressful events. It also makes a beautiful choice for promise jewelry as it shows your intention of spending life together.

Other than a sigmoid curve or ‘S’ design, these pendants could also be available in circle, heart and other designs. Depending on what you wish to express, you can choose any of the designs. These pendants can be used as anniversary gift, a birthday present or a token of love to mark any milestone event.

Journey Pendant

Gemstones of Journey Pendants
Typically, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies are used for these pendants because they are precious and popular. However, gemstones used could also differ. You may use the same stone in graduated size or use different stones to show different milestones of the journey. You may further customize a pendant using diamonds alternated by gemstones. Using a significant gem like a birthstone further increases the sentimental value of the gift.

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