Green Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated around the world and almost all of us focus to add an element of green hue to our outfits. We have been practicing this since years, but how many of us have pondered over why green is so important for the day? Surely, not many of us have thought on this. It is interesting to know that there are two legends that tell us why we focus on green color. Let’s discuss them:


1. It is believed that Saint Patrick used a three leaved shamrock to explain the holy trinity to the Irish people. Since then, the green color (because shamrock is green) became the main attraction of this day.


2. Since green is one of the colors of Irish tri-color flag, and same color was used in various Irish revolutionary groups, it is main color for Saint Patrick’s Day. Additionally, this color symbolizes Ireland’s lush green landscapes.


Now that we’ve learnt the importance and reason behind the usage of green color for the day, let’s discuss how we can incorporate the hue in our outfits on that day.

1. Clothes: Easiest of all, you can put on a green colored dress. This will display your holiday mood in a perfect way and you can blend well with people celebrating the day.


2. Accessories: If you do not want to drape all over in green, then wearing some green accessories can do the trick. Elegantly carry a green colored purse, or wear green footwear or experiment different things and give a hint of green to your outfit.


3. Jewelry: Emerald and/or peridot can be best to display green color. Rings, earrings, pendants etc can help you get the perfect look for the day.


Do you have more ideas to incorporate green hue in your outfit for the day? Share with us and let all of us dress green in unique way!

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