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Former ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant found true love at the age of 43!!

Love is like a diamond; rare, unique and brilliant. It is the eternal gift that adds true value to life. The former talk show host Ricky Lake also has similar feelings after getting married on Easter at the age of 43. It came as a surprise to all when Ricky posted a picture of her, clad in a beautiful lacy wedding gown holding a bouquet with a tweet “Yes, this is me, Sadie Sadie married lady. J Love is in the air. Xo”

Ricky Lake in Beautiful Lacy Wedding Gown

The wedding was conducted is a simple ceremony as the wanted it that way only. She explained it as a beautiful and unforgettable moment. “I was not anxious or nervous. I was really relaxed and excited.” said Lake.

The couple got engaged during the holidays in Spain when Evans proposed her with a rocking diamond engagement ring. Lake at that time said that she was extremely happy that true love came into her life and that she had a renewed sense of excitement about everything at the age of 43.

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Lake before meeting Evans had decided not to marry again after her divorce from husband Sussman. She has two children from the previous marriage. It was only after Christian came into her life that she felt totally in love.

That’s certainly great news that the former ‘Dancing With The Stars’ found her life partner. To let the spirit of love and romance be as young as it is now Lake should try an emerald ring or a pair of dazzling emerald earrings. Emerald is a symbol of natural youthful eternal growing relation. Wearing emerald in any form of jewelry is said to bestow the wearer with infinity prosperity and growth. It also said to add many years to the mind and soul.

Huge Discount on Angara Emerald Jewelry