Green Wedding Ideas for Spring

Wedding is that special day for any individual, for which he/she dreams since childhood. We all look forward to having the most beautiful wedding, which becomes the perfect reminiscence of the great day. For this, we plan and execute wedding day in a managed way and give attention to the minutest details.

Though, each wedding theme has its own importance and charm, yet when it comes to getting married in Spring time, or incorporating spring in the wedding theme, green color plays an important role. Talking along the same lines, let’s discuss how we can maximum use this refreshing green hue in spring wedding theme.

For Green Wedding Green Emerald Jewelry Style

  1. Natural Greenery:
    In place of getting married on sea beach or a five star hotel, prefer getting married in open greenery. Lush green grass and trees with blooming flowers will give you abundant sites to click the best pictures. This is natural and cheapest way to have green color to wedding.
  2. Menu:
    Give place to green foods and drinks in your wedding food menu. Discuss with your caterer and he will give you enough ideas to have it on the table. This is another fascinating idea to incorporate green color.
  3. Decoration:
    Use more of green coloured decorative items and flowers. You can even ponder over giving a green bouquet to the bride. Green table covers etc. will add to the effect of spring wedding theme.
  4. Wedding Dress:
    Why limit your special wedding dress to traditional white color, when we have rainbow colors to adorn it? Try wearing light/dark green colored dress. For more effects, you can have it flower embellished.
  5. Wedding Jewelry:
    Doesn’t matter if you have not chosen a green coloured emerald engagement ring; you can make it up by wearing other emerald jewels on the wedding day. Wear emerald necklace and to complement it, you can choose emerald studs or hoops. if you like length, choose emerald and diamond drop earrings.

So, how do you feel on thought of having a green themed Spring wedding? We know it sounds interesting and outside the box. Share with us your views in the comment section below.

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